CVGP Next Meeting

10:00am - Saturday Aug 15, 2020

Location: Historic Lee Wayside Buckingham Va.
84 Lee Wayside Road, Buckingham, VA 23931
Lee Wayside Historic Village

Property #9 is closed to CVGP members until further notice.

Property #5 is no longer a part of the CVGP lease. CVGP members should not attend this property.

Check us out on Facebook and /or for a new date/venue.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please send an email to so they may be addressed accordingly.

Calendar of Events for 2020

CVGP Metal Detecting Event

The Metal Detecting Event has started on Claims #1 and #2.

Geo Cache 2020

(New sign for Claim #1 done by DJ and helpers.
Thank you DJ, very good job.

(All three entrances to Claim #7 have been marked, I hope this helps.)

Fire Warning


Directions to Claim #1

On a map, find the intersection of Route 15 and Route 60 at Sprouse's Corner. Go 1-1/2 miles South on Route 15 and at the curve you will see a sign for Route 714, go to the NEXT gravel road and turn right. This is the entrance and has a closed gate (it is across from two churches on the left). After going through the gate, stay on the road for about 2 miles until you get to the oak tree.

Directions to Teresa's Place

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